New Lip Balms


We recently gave our lip balms a makeover, both inside and out! As always our lip balms are vegan. That goes without saying. However we can honestly say that if you enjoyed our original lip balms, these ones will not disappoint! Pure luxury for your lips & great for the whole family. 

Traditional lip balms in the marketplace contain wax as the first ingredient, are scented with synthetic fragrances and are often sweetened with artificial flavors – all of which can be irritating. You won’t find any synthetic or petroleum based ingredients in our lip balms.

They’re rich in raw cocoa butte &Tuberose floral wax to provide your lips with a delicate & luxurious layer of protection. Their natural look & heavenly scent is from all of the high quality ingredients. We make each batch of our lip balms carefully;  they're hand mixed and poured. 

The new label is now simple and elegant. With lip products, we prefer the traditional tube as it provides convenience, ease of use, and most importantly, it's a sanitary way to apply your lip balm (especially when you are on the go and can't wash your hands). 

We are very excited for you to try them as they are one of the best lip balms you'll ever use. 



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