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Dry Skin Savior

Luxe Beauty Balm became a best seller right away when it was launched. Recently it's been gaining more attention and we're delighted!

It took us a while to formulate this truly unique & beautiful balm for a few reasons. The most important reason is that we wanted it to do more for your complexion than what the conventional balms found in the marketplace offer; only sitting on your skin as a thick coating. We created for you the most magnificent, supercharged vegan balm available. Luxe Beauty Balm does not disappoint. It's a true workhorse of a product. 


What makes this balm so lovely are the ingredients. It has a dreamy soft texture and is formulated with Tuberose, Rose & Jasmine floral waxes to provide a delicate & luxurious layer of protection to aid in both soothing your skin & maintaining its natural moisture. A whole plant blend of Broccoli seed, Raspberry seed & Avocado oils are packed with complexion boosting components, nourishing the skin with vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, and Beta carotene. This jar is jam-packed with the best ingredients any skincare product can offer for severely dry skin, regardless if your skin is dry in patches or all over. 




A little goes a very long way and it melts instantly when massaged into skin. Luxe Beauty Balm can be used on it's own and it can also be seamlessly incorporated into your existing beauty regime. It will boost your facial oil blends & add an extra layer of comfort. It can also be applied as a spot treatment onto drier areas of the face that require more protection, such as lips & under eyes or on top of cheeks.  It's the perfect product to use after beauty treatments such as deep-exfoliation & clay masks. This is an item you will always want to have on hand. 



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