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I have a soft spot for perfumes. I believe they are an extension of our personality. They can lift your mood and provide a sense of joy. Applying perfume is a beautiful way to finish getting ready for the day. A ritual.   

A lot of perfumes on the market are made from synthetic ingredients. Some fragrances are a hybrid of natural ingredients and synthetics, but it is rare to find a natural perfume. If your perfume smells like ocean breeze or buttercream icing, it's not a natural perfume. It just isn't. Natural perfumery ingredients don't smell like that. Once you go on the journey to incorporating more green beauty products into your routine, you won't want to go back to a traditional fragrance.  

A natural perfume is more graceful than a modern fragrance. When you apply a natural perfume, the scent will gently warm up from the heat of your skin. It will compliment and enhance your body's natural scent. Simple elegance. Anyone giving you a hug will be able to enjoy your perfume. Your scarf or blouse might smell faintly of your scent. Your perfume will gently follow you unlike it's chemical counterpart loudly announcing your arrival before you enter a room.  

Our artisanal perfumes were a very long time in the making.  They are personally hand blended in very small batches by me. They're derived from nature and only contain precious essential oils, extracts, resins & absolutes. Each luxurious perfume is blended  in a base of cold-pressed organic golden jojoba oil. They are natural and free from synthetics. They are also vegan & cruelty-free. Old world elegance for everyday living. 

Huile De Parfum No. 1 is unapologetically feminine. Neroli is the heart of this gorgeous perfume. Notes of Jasmine & Ylang ylang, along with a special proprietary blend of essential oils, extracts & absolutes round out the scent making it a delight for the senses. A sparkling, sweet floral perfume oil.  

Huile De Parfum No. 2  The complexity & full-bodied scent of rose & jasmine come together. They're taken to a richer level with the spicy depth black pepper has to offer and are added to a proprietary blend of  essential oils, extracts & absolutes. I had originally created this perfume for myself and as a bespoke perfume for private clients, but I just couldn't hold this one back. It has to be shared. A sultry floral. Warmth and light. 

I'm excited about the launch of these two perfume oils. I love using old world methods to create these beautiful aromatic gems.

Marnie xo


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