Something Ahhhmazing Is About To Happen!


Over the past year, we have added many great new products to the Pelle Beauty line up. Our Cleansing Oil+Makeup Remover, Beauty Mask & Face+Body Balm (just to name a few) have been doing very well. They're luxurious and provide excellent results.

I started off Pelle Beauty with the Facial Oils. I truly believe in them. They are absolute game changers for your skin. Facial oils are necessary & critical beauty essentials. They just are. Period. As the brand owner, I always strive for excellence, and I always like to forge ahead and see what can be done to make Pelle Beauty an even BETTER experience.

For a very long time, certain raw materials have become scarce in the green beauty industry. I saw this situation not as an obstacle, but rather as an opportunity to challenge the status quo. For the past few years, two new beauty oils have been under development. It was critical for me that they contain ingredients that are sustainable. They also had to continue or exceed giving the same beautiful results. I'm happy to report they do! They absorb beautifully into the skin, moisturizing with a velvety feel, all by using just a few drops. Your skin will look healthier and have a beautiful, natural glow. Our new essential oil blend works together to provide a calming aromatherapy experience and enhances your complexion. This new blend also smells amazing; it will be love after the very first whiff. We’ve taken the very best attributes that are provided by our current facial oils (Stellar, Balance, Nourish & Luxe) and developed two new counterparts that are absolutely amazing.

The new prices? I'm happy to report that they will remain reasonable. You can expect to see these two new beauty oils making an appearance later on this Spring. They will also be available in two sizes. I'm very proud of what will soon be launching, and I know you will enjoy them too. The bar on sustainable, Vegan & Cruelty-free beauty has just been raised. Stay tuned as we will be releasing pictures and teasers just before they make their debut.

In the meantime, we currently have our existing facial oils on sale. They will remain on sale until they're out of stock. The prices have already been marked down for you. Luxe Beauty Balm is not leaving our product line up, but we decided to add it to the sale while this transition is made.

Also, as of last week, we renegotiated our shipping and the savings have been passed directly onto you. If you live in Canada, the minimum spend is $50 for free shipping (before it was $85) and the flat shipping rate has decreased. Getting Pelle Beauty to your doorstep has just gotten easier! As always our prices are in Canadian Dollars. 



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