Luxe Beauty Balm has become a beauty staple for many of our customers, especially those who have dry skin. We’ve taken our favorite balm, and made it better! Our well-loved Luxe Beauty Balm has received a makeover.  Now named JASMINE + ROSE BEAUTY BALM.

If you loved LUXE, you're going to adore JASMINE + ROSE. It's now available in a 60 ml (2 oz) jar. It used to be in a 30 ml jar. It's doubled in size.

The formula still contains the star ingredients such as Broccoli & Avocado oils, along with the precious floral waxes Jasmine, Rose & Tuberose that help provide both a delicate and luxurious layer of protection. 

Abyssinian oil is new in this balm as its moisturizing properties are excellent, promoting skin suppleness & softness. It helps to form a natural barrier, aiding your skin from drying out, thereby adding luster to dull complexions and giving your skin a more youthful appearance.

JASMINE + ROSE is a dreamy, delicate balm providing your skin with intense moisture. It's highly concentrated for sensitive, dry & dehydrated skin types. As always, this beauty balm is excellent for any time your skin needs comfort, and it's the perfect product to use after beauty treatments such as deep-exfoliation & clay masks.

It can be spot applied directly to your problem areas, or all over depending on your preferences. JASMINE + ROSE is genuinely a luxurious sustainable vegan beauty balm. It's available in 60 ml jar (full size) or a Trial+Travel size 4 ml.








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