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This Summer, our Pelle Beauty brand got a makeover. A new logo, a new look. We are excited and know you will be too. It was a long process but well worth the effort. 

When we launched our Marnie Cipriani Beauty line, we used euro-style dropper bottles instead of the traditional dropper style bottles. The feedback from you, our customers was tremendous.  The euro-style bottles were a hit. If the bottle were to tip over, no precious beauty oil was lost compared to the traditional packaging. Since the enclosure is secure, it keeps your product fresh and gives you precise drops. Pelle Beauty now has this packaging as it's proven to be so helpful and user-friendly.  There is nothing worse than having your bottle of beauty oil tip over and losing half the contents. With the euro-style dropper, this can't happen anymore.

All of our products (except for the Cleansing Oil)  have remained the same. However, the names have slightly changed for the lip balm, eye balm & clay mask making them more descriptive of the gorgeous ingredients we use. 

Marnie Cipriani, the founder, has always believed in the effectiveness of facial exercises and facial massage. A facial massage is something you can do every day to help give your face a beautiful glowing & toned appearance. If you make it part of your daily routine, you will see the benefits and the positive effects it can have on your skin. If you order a beauty oil or balm, expect to see our facial massage guide inside your orders. This guide is also useful to use with the SPA Jade Rollers we sell. You can find more information about facial massage in our resource section. 

We aim to be as eco-friendly as possible. Most of our packaging is glass. When we use plastic, it can usually be recycled with a lot of the municipal recycling programs (double check for your area). We have replaced our plastic spatulas and now give wooden ones with your orders when needed. We also highly encourage you to repurpose your skincare jars when you finish your product.  We like using them for storing spices when cooking, and for storing/organizing anything from jewelry,  buttons & small craft items. The possibilities are endless! We encourage you to try this and if you are creative in how you repurpose your empty containers, drop us a line and let us know. We would love to do a post expanding this topic!

Autumn is almost here, and Winter will be here soon too. We hope you are enjoying your Summer and enter the new season feeling renewed! 








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