We’ve taken our favorite product line, and made it better! The Bloom Line has gotten an upgrade & name change. It's now called NEROLI + ROSE. If you loved Bloom, you will adore NEROLI + ROSE. The NEROLI + ROSE Beauty Mist is now available in 30 ml, 60 ml & 120 ml sizes. It contains both Neroli & Rose hydrosols, which are known beautifully to tone & balance your complexion, along with Aloe which soothes and hydrates your skin. Our essential oil blend naturally soothes your skin. The scent is very calming too. 

After cleansing, you simply give your bottle a little shake, close your eyes & mist your face 2-4 times before applying your favorite beauty oil or balm. NEROLI + ROSE Beauty Mist also makes a great Makeup Setting Spray. Once you've finished applying your makeup, simply mist over your face 1-2 times, and you're set. This mist is perfect to take along with you to work, travel or the gym and use anytime you need a little hydration boost or to feel refreshed. 

Our NEROLI + ROSE Cleansing Foam is light & airy and is now sold in a 100 ml size bottle! It's a very gentle cleanser and can be used morning or night. It will effectively remove light makeup applications & water based makeup. If you are wearing makeup that's designed to be long-wearing or waterproof, we recommend removing it first with our CLEANSING OIL which is formulated to dissolve this type of makeup, and then follow up with the NEROLI + ROSE Cleansing Foam. 

NEROLI + ROSE is a beautiful & luxurious way to balance, cleanse & hydrate your skin. They prep your skin, so it benefits from your beauty oils and with continued use, your skin is hydrated, looks clearer and feels soft to the touch. Now, who doesn't want that?


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