Many of you green beauty aficionados know that in the green beauty industry, there is a trend to charge exorbitant amounts of money for luxury beauty oils containing extracts & botanicals. The price is often shocking and not for the faint of heart. Are these products high quality? Sure they are. Are they worth being priced well over $250.00 per bottle? We don't think so. 

To go national, you need to mark up the value of the product to cover the costs of advertising, promotional expenses, distribution, overhead & logistic fees. At the end of the day in green beauty, this means the consumer must pay too. To begin with, it automatically costs more to produce these natural beauty products so when you add this to the equation, the situation and attainability for these luxury items can get out of hand. 

MARNIE CIPRIANI BEAUTY is a high quality, cutting edge line for those who want to enhance their beauty routine. This line is superior and delivers results. It was given a soft product launch for two reasons. The first reason is that we intend to keep this brand small. The second reason is that it will be exclusive to us; you will only be able to purchase it here. 

We offer these gorgeous beauty oils in 5 ml, 10 ml & 30 ml sizes. These options are not typically available in the marketplace, and we think this is important; there is a size for everyone's needs. They are packaged euro style dropper bottles, so you don't waste any of the product. You will get a lot of use out of this line. The 5 ml bottle alone dispenses 100 drops. A lot of treatments are in that little bottle. 


Can you believe this trial sized bottle dispenses 100 drops of intense moisture?! mcb 01 with prickly pear & tomato seed oil is the ultimate beauty oil as it's a versatile product that promotes hydration & suppleness giving you glowing results. Its lightweight texture makes it perfect for using everyday or for giving yourself a facial massage. A few drops of this beauty oil can be incorporated into your other beauty treatments to give them a little boost. 🌸🍃 #faceoil #beautyoil #selfcare #waterlessbeauty #sustainablebeauty #productjunkie #beautyjunkie #selfcare #beautyroutine #beautyritual #veganbeauty #veganskincare #vegancosmetics #ecobeauty #ecoskincare #greenbeauty #greenskincare #coldpressedoils #essentialoils #pellebeauty #skincare #apothecary #homespa #pricklypearseedoil #tomatoseedoil #marnieciprianibeauty #beautyoil

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The beauty mist is a tall refreshing drink for dehydrated skin types, featuring Rose Hydrosol and Coconut Water to refresh and hydrate your skin, improving its appearance, and to help aid in assisting your beauty oils absorb quickly. Suitable for all skin-types especially dehydrated and mature skin.

If your complexion is in need some extra TLC, give one of them a try today. To learn more about each beauty oil, you can read about them here in our resource section or over here on our collection page. Everything in this line can be used on their own or added to your existing beauty routines to give them a little boost (i.e., they play nicely with Pelle Beauty).

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