What are they? How do you use them? Why are we so passionate about them? 

Facial oils are liquid gold for your skin! They have been around for years and have always been very popular in Europe, but recently they’re becoming a trend here in North America.  As amazing as these products are, you’ll find that they’re loved & adored OR they’re misunderstood and therefore not used properly.

This guide unravels the mystery surrounding these beautiful creations and guides you on how to reap the full benefits.


Why Use A Facial Oil?

They are concentrated. In one dose, you are receiving the full on benefits of the best moisture possible. If it’s infused with essential oils, even better – they’re performing an important job, refining your complexion and giving you an aromatherapy experience.

Facial oils are water free and only contain pure plant oils, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and other valuable nutrients for the skin. Facial oils work by deeply penetrating the skin and delivering these natural plant ingredients. Immediately skin becomes softer and more radiant and feels velvety soft. After a time, lines will be softened and skin will have a youthful glow. Facial oils are wonderful anti-aging products as they support, protect and help regenerate skin cells.


A typical facial cream or lotion, regardless of its quality, is made with water (50-80% of the formula), 10-20% oils or synthetics, thickeners, emulsifiers and preservatives. If you were to place your bottle or jar of moisturizer into a dehydrator, you would be amazed as to how much product was left behind once the water content evaporated! You get more value and quality for your money with facial oils.

Is your face squeaky clean? Not good!

The puritans approach to for cleanliness is great for the house or your car, but not when caring for your skin, especially your face. If you have oily skin, and you become overzealous cleansing your skin, it will ultimately produce MORE oil as a defense mechanism. If you have naturally dry skin, you are also doing yourself a disservice as your skin is fragile and needs to be treated gently. Gentle cleansing and a good quality facial oil catered to your skin type are your best line of defense.   


Use the right one for your skin type

When it comes to facial oils, there are many formulations you can choose from.  A good quality facial oil should be plant based, utilizing essential oils to benefit your skin type. You should be choosing your facial oil the same way you’d choose a moisturizer. You should be looking for one that suits your skin type. Some are created for all skin types and they are usually formulated with a nice balance of ingredients that can work double duty.  The really nice thing about good quality facial oils is that they’re concentrated and you don’t need to use a lot to see results – you can adjust the amount when needed.


The right way to apply facial oil

There is without a doubt, a proper way to apply facial oil. I find that those who have tried them but don’t like them, usually are not applying them correctly. If you apply a facial oil and your skin feels like an oil slick hours after application, you have done it wrong! As stated earlier, facial oils are very concentrated. A little goes a very long way – less is more. You can’t apply them the same way you would use a moisturizer.


Dosing Amount

The recommended amount is 4 drops, or with some brands where a treatment pump is used, 1 pump.  To give you a better idea of the amount, 4 drops or 1 treatment pump’s worth of facial oil is equal to .190 ml. That might appear to be a very small amount, but when it comes to facial oils it’s too much for just your face – this is where most go wrong when using it on their skin! In most circumstances, if you were to apply that amount only on your face, it will take a long time to absorb. 4 drops or one treatment pump of facial oil is intended for your décolleté, neck & face – it’s to cover a large territory.


           Damp Skin - Facial Mists & Alcohol-free Toners

The other important factor when applying facial oils is hydration. Before applying your facial oil, it is imperative that your skin is very damp (not wet but damp). You need to use a hydrosol, facial mist or alcohol-free toner to really maximize the benefits of your facial oil. Applying it on very damp skin ensures that it spreads evenly & absorbs into your skin effectively – if you do this step, you will have a beautiful dewy glow and your skin will feel soft.


Application Technique

Once you have your skin prepped (make sure it’s very damp), there are two methods for applying your facial oil.
The first method is to rub it between the palms of your hands, warming it up and gently press it onto your face, neck and décolleté ensuring it’s evenly applied. You can then gently massage it until it feels absorbed.
The second method to apply your facial oil is to place one pump into the palm of your hand and with your other hand use your finger to apply one dab on your chest, one on your neck, and one on each of your cheeks & forehead, massaging using upward strokes until most of it is absorbed.