Q & A


Q: There is a lot of color in your products. Are they going to stain my skin?

A: Not at all! The color you see is derived from all of the plant based ingredients we use. Most of our ingredients are cold-pressed and unrefined. You are seeing the beautiful colors that come from nature.   


Q: Why does my product look or smell different from last time?

A: Our formulas always remain the same, but if you have strong senses, you may detect minor differences from batch to batch. We don’t color or artificially scent our products. We let their natural hue, scent and texture shine through. We use a lot of  natural, plant-based ingredients and they are never exactly the same from one batch to another. With plant-based ingredients, normal variance in the sunshine, rain, or temperature with each harvest can all subtly have an effect. One year’s broccoli seed oil may differ in color or scent compared to another’s. Likewise, you may experience a stronger or subtler scent with an essential oil. These are all normal and to be expected with natural ingredients, and do not affect the quality or efficacy of the product. This is great as real ingredients are being used. 


Q: How often can I use my facial oil blend? How are they to be used?

A: Our facial oil blends are versatile and can be used morning or night replacing a traditional moisturizer. At Pelle Beauty™ that’s how we prefer to use them! They’re concentrated so a  little goes a very long way. 2-4 drops are all that is needed for your face, neck and decollete. For best results, always apply your facial oil on very damp skin


Q: What is the shelf life of your products?

A: Our products have a shelf life of one year after opening. However, how you store your skin care products can change or shorten that time-frame. To get the very best longevity out of your products, always use clean hands & always keep them out of humid environments, direct sunlight & direct heat sources. Always store your products upright in a cool, dry place.  


Q: Why do the products in the Bloom Beauty Line sometimes get sediment in them?

A: The Bloom Beauty Mist, Foaming Cleanser & Beauty Serum are all composed of botanical extracts of nurturing plants. The sediment forms when some of the botanical extracts settle to the bottom of the bottle as there aren't any synthetic binders or fillers in the formulations. The quality or efficacy is not affected. It's natural and to be expected. Give it a little shake before using!


Q: Do your products contain nut oils?

A: Out of our Facial Oil blends, the Balance & Nourish formulations contain nut oils and should be avoided by people with nut allergies. The Stellar & Luxe Facial Oil blends are nut-free. Our cleansers, facial mists & lip balms do not contain nut oils. Our ingredients are listed on the website however when in doubt, please contact us. We're happy to help!


Q: I’m Pregnant, can I use your products?

A: Pregnant or nursing moms should always consult with their doctors. Most of our ingredients are gentle and effective, however we do use essential oils.


Q: I'm a Vegan, are your products suitable for me?

A. Yes our products are suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans. As you'll see in our answer below, we love animals. 


Q: Do you do animal testing?

A. No we do not test any of our products on animals. Our products are made for humans and as a result we test on humans.


Q. Some of your products such as your Balms have a  ’Store at 10°C – 25°C’ caution. Why is that?

A. They are made with ingredients that allow the product to be activated at body temperature. Please store in a dry cool area when not in use. Keep your product away from direct heat sources (such as a radiator or in direct sunlight) and avoid repeated freezing and thawing as the texture may change.


Q. What happens if my Balm freezes or melts? Can I still use it?

A. Absolutely. The quality or efficacy of your balm is not affected. As stated above, the consistency might change a little. The product may become slightly grainy if it melts or freezes or is placed in a room with many temperature changes throughout the day (your bathroom or by a window). It is still perfect to use and will become creamy again when in contact with your skin. 


Q: Do you give free samples?

A: We have a fabulous trial size program where most of our products are offered in Sidekick sizes. These sizes offer you a 2-3 week supply of product. They're perfect for traveling, gift giving & for your gym-bag. You can buy them individually or in sets. 

With each full size order, we always include samples that are perfect for a few uses. 


Q: How will my purchase be shipped?

A: We use Canada Post to ship all purchases.


Q: Does the term “All Skin Types”  include Acne?

A: Skin types are normal, dry, oily and combination. Acne is an inflammatory skin condition, not a skin type. While all of our ingredients are gentle, plant based and beneficial for your skin, if you are symptomatic of acne or any other inflammatory skin condition, we recommend talking to your doctor as there are many underlying reasons for the condition.


Q: Why are your products not Certified Organic?

A: There are some remarkably effective raw plant materials that are extremely beneficial  but not certified organic. Some ingredients  don’t exist in an organic form (Vitamin E oil for example) and some ingredients are not available certified organic. We’ve  carefully chosen the most effective, fresh and effective ingredients possible for beautiful glowing skin.