How To Care For And Get The Most Out Of Your Green Beauty Products

This post is for any green beauty product you own as we feel that it's critical that you get the biggest bang for your hard earned money. With natural products, it's normal for the color, scent or texture to change slightly,  once it's been opened as it now been exposed to air and light. These changes are normal, but what you want to do is minimize the chances of it going bad before you've had the pleasure of using it! 


You've made a commitment & investment in your beauty routine, so you will also want to keep your products in excellent condition. The last drop of product remaining in your bottle or jar should be as enjoyable as the first. To get the most out of your products comes down to taking care of them properly - they're made differently compared to conventional products that were designed to sit on a store shelf or medicine cabinet for a few years.

One of the great things about using a natural product is that you are getting the chance to use beautiful ingredients on your skin. Your jar or bottle also contains formulations that are concentrated. When you use products that contain cold pressed oils, essential oils, clays, botanicals & distillates, it's hard not to get excited.  All the time, effort & care that goes into your products are worth it because the results you receive are stunning. 

How To Care For Your Products

We recommend that you store your new and unopened skincare and beauty items away from direct sunlight, ideally somewhere dark and cool. Depending on the brand you buy, there might also be an expiry date. Making a note of that date is important. When you open a new product, look for the "Period After Opening” (PAO) date - in most cases it's that symbol that looks like a jar and has either a 6M or 12M, etc. inside it. That number indicates that amount of time you should keep it after you open the bottle. So, for example, you see the PAO symbol with 6M on it, please don't continue to use it after six months. 

The efficacy of your products will weaken if they're not cared for properly; regardless if they are new & unopened. To get the very best longevity out of your products, always use clean hands & use a clean spoon or spatula instead of fingers to scoop out your clay masks and balms. Doing this prevents your products from getting contaminated. You should always store your products upright in a cool, dry place & keep them out of humid environments, direct sunlight & direct heat sources. If a product smells rancid, then it has most likely gone bad, and it should be tossed. 

When it comes to water-based products like foaming cleansers, facial mists, etc. never open the bottle to add water. Adding water to extend the contents will damage the product and grow contaminants. Bacteria and mold are also natural, but you don't want that on your face. Just don't do it. It's also never a good idea to share your skincare or cosmetic products. When you share, you can't control what might happen to them. 

But What About The Products I Use Everyday?

We get asked a lot about the products that are used every day. Is it really necessary to keep them out of the bathroom? To be honest, the protocol we outlined above will help you to keep your natural skincare products in excellent shape, but, if you are using a product every day, or quite frequently, and going through it at a good pace, we would recommend at the very least to keep it out of direct sunlight and to apply your products with clean hands.