Beauty mists are valuable additions to your skincare routine, but chances are, you are only using them after cleansing. There are a few other uses, and we want you to know about them. Our beauty mists are natural, and they contain precious hydrosols, essential oils, and hydrating botanicals. They're versatile and easy to use.


After cleansing your skin, mist your face a few times and apply your beauty oil or balm right after to seal in the hydration; they enhance their benefits and work well together. 


Do you want your makeup to have that youthful, dewy glow? Have you ever applied too many powder-based cosmetics (or were too heavy-handed) and now your skin is looking chalky, too flat or lackluster? Do you want your makeup to last longer throughout the day, and not have to touch up regularly? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you need to hop on the Beauty Mist train and incorporate one into your makeup routine. It's a simple yet very effective step when applying makeup. 

There are two ways to use them in your makeup routine. The first way is great if you are wanting to achieve a dewy, glowing look, (but without having to apply layers of highlighter or illuminators). All you have to do is mist between layers; for every layer in your makeup routine - beauty oil/balm, primer, concealer, powder, color - that you put on your face, apply a light mist.

The second way is to lightly spray your face (as the last step) after you have finished applying your makeup. Once you have finished your look, mist your face 1-2 times, and you are done! 


The temperature shifts between Winter & Summer, indoor heating, and airconditioning can dehydrate your skin. We always recommend drinking enough water throughout the day, but there are certain times when your skin needs a little pick-me-up. A spray or two of a beauty mist will feel refreshing and add a little hydration back into your skin. 

We offer two Beauty Mists that you can easily use to incorporate into your routine. Our NEROLI+ROSE Beauty Mist is a beautiful blend of Neroli & Rose hydrosols, aloe, and essential oils, making it an excellent way to tone, refine & hydrate all skin types. Our MARNIE CIPRIANI Beauty Mist is a tall refreshing drink for dry, dehydrated skin types. Rose Hydrosol, coconut water, and our essential oil blend work together to help refresh and hydrate dry complexions. It's suitable for all skin types, especially dehydrated and mature skin.

They are versatile and handy to have around. Tuck one into your purse, travel or gym bag and start reaping the benefits!