Bamboo Cleansing Facial Cloths

Bamboo Cleansing Facial Cloths

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These bamboo washcloths are a must have if you are cleansing your face using the Oil Cleansing Method. It's an eco-friendly alternative to using cotton pads & tissues. These are made for all skin types, especially sensitive. 

Make-up artists love these little bamboo washcloths as they're made of 100% organically grown bamboo fibers, at 500gr SQ/meter. As a set of 3, you’ll won’t need to worry about running out of something soft, gentle and eco-friendly to wipe your face with as you wash off cosmetics or just a hard day’s work. 

The hypoallergenic qualities of bamboo fabric also make it a favorite of moms and dads for washing a baby or cleaning the faces of small children.

Bamboo is an exceptional renewable resource that only needs sun and rain for growth.

SHOO-FOO face cloths are made of biological bamboo cellulose which is four times more absorbent than cotton. An incomparable softness that is hypoallergenic, biodegradable and stays fresh longer.

This bundle includes 3 washcloths sized at 23 x 23 cm (9 x 9 in).

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